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Squid Proxy – How to Create a Proxy // Squid (HTTP) and SOCKS

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Welcome back to Dev Odyssey Home Networking! In this episode I visually explain how HTTP and Socket Secure (SOCKS5) proxies work.

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In this video, I show you how to set up an HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies using Squid and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with OpenSSH. Then we test out these proxies using Postman and FoxyProxy plugin for Firefox. Proxies have many benefits, some of which are increased anonymity browsing online, enabling access to different online content, a means to analyze web traffic, parental blocks on website, and much more. Once you know how to create and connect to proxies, your benefits are limited to your imagination.

Video Outline

00:00 Intro
00:26 What are Proxies
00:53 HTTP Proxy Explained
02:35 SOCKS Proxy Explained
03:56 Proxy Benefits Recap
04:20 Preliminary Test
05:07 Download / Configure Squid Proxy
06:33 Configure / Test Proxy In Postman
07:31 Squid Access.log
07:51 Adding Basic Auth to Squid Proxy
10:44 Configure / Test Proxy Auth in Postman
11:35 Configure SOCKS Proxy
12:02 Showing Open Ports
12:28 Configure SOCKS Proxy in FoxyProxy
13:21 Testing SOCKS Proxy
13:36 Outro

A Proxy server is simply an intermediary, or middle man, that processes requests for you on their way out to their destination, acting as a client itself on your behalf. There are many different proxy services and protocols, but in this case, we will be discussing the most popular, HTTP(s) and SOCKS (Socket Secure) proxies.

HTTP Proxy Diagram
SOCKS Proxy Diagram

Benefits – Similar to intro items

Increased Anonymity Browsing Online
Enable access to different content
Analyze web traffic
Parental Blocks on Websites



Squid Proxy
1. Install squid (sudo apt install squid)
2. Make copy of squid.conf (sudo cp /etc/squid/squid.conf /etc/squid/squid.conf.default)
3. Edit squid.conf (sudo vim /etc/squid/squid.conf), uncomment http_access allow localnet, save file
4. Restart Squid (sudo systemctl restart squid)
5. Check if its running (sudo systemctl status squid) Should see “running” and “active”
6. Configure Proxy in Postman and test (Settings, then Proxy tab). Add IP of Proxy Server, then default port (3128)
7. Check Access log for entries (sudo vim /var/log/squid/access.log)
8. Add basic user / password for authentication
1. Add the following
1. auth_param basic program /usr/lib/squid/basic_ncsa_auth /etc/squid/htpasswd
2. auth_param basic realm Squid Proxy Caching Web Server
3. acl authenticated proxy_auth REQUIRED
4. acl authenticated_ips src CLIENT_IP_ADDRESS/32
5. http_access allow authenticated authenticated_ips

1. Run the following replacing “username” and “password” accordingly: sudo printf “USERNAME:$(openssl passwd -crypt PASSWORD)n” | sudo tee -a /etc/squid/htpasswd
2. Restart Squid
3. Configure Postman to use Proxy Auth (Settings then Proxy). Fill in Username and Password

1. Login to Ubuntu Server using SSH, with -D flag for dynamic port forwarding
* Dynamic Port Forwarding. – Creates a SOCKS proxy server that allows communication across a range of ports.
2. Configure Foxy Proxy By Adding a new Proxy, then changing the type to “SOCKS5”, IP Address as your localhost (127[.]0[.]0[.]1), and port you used (40932)
3. Save Configuration with name Test SOCKS. Open new tab in Firefox, set FoxyProxy to use Test SOCKS

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Squid Proxy - How to Create a Proxy // Squid (HTTP) and SOCKS

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26 thoughts on “Squid Proxy – Khuyến mãi

  1. what ever says:

    Hello, I'm having issues connecting to the proxy I created outside of my local network since I'm hosting this on vmware, I've tried my public IP address on another network with no firewall on, correct port and it fails to connect.

  2. Rykov7 says:

    It won't work anything after you uncomment *http_access allow localnet*…

    disable firewall for squid
    ufw allow ‘Squid’

    then add your ip
    acl localnet src <your_ip>

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